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1: Heightened Senses: You may spend a blood to activate keen senses for a scene. This gives you a chance to detect obfuscated creatures, and also imparts a +2 bonus to your mental traits for perception-related challenges for the remainder of the scene. You are unhindered by natural darkness while using this ability.

2: Aura Reading: You may spend a blood to attempt a passive mental challenge in order to read the aura of a target. You are able to perceive the following information should you succeed: Was a statement just made substantively false? Has the target performed diablerie within the past month? Is the target a vampire? Is the target some other kind of supernatural creature? Is the target presently possessed or otherwise not in control of their faculties?

3: Dark Sapience: You may spend two blood to attune your senses to the night around you. For the remainder of the scene, you are automatically immune to the following discipline abilities: Mask of the Monster, Touch of Shadow, Swiftness, Passion, Shadow Play, Cowl of Shadows, and Sense the Sin. Additionally, you may make mental challenges to perceive a character using either the Haven of Soil or Ex Nihilo discipline abilities.

4: Telepathy: You may spent two blood to attempt a mental challenge in order to scour a target's mind for the answer to a simple question. If you succeed, the question must be answered fully and without reservation, to the best of the target's knowledge. This ability is entirely telepathic in nature, but the target will be aware that his mind is being invaded. A list of example questions: What are your flaws? What are your merits? Where is your haven located?

5: Precognition: When a creature retests a failed challenge against you, you may spend a willpower and three blood to cancel it. This may only be done once per challenge.

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