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Blood Edit

Generation Edit

Generation is how far one is removed from the mythical first vampire. It determines one's minimum blood potency, the maximum amount of willpower one may have, and what species one must consume blood from. For example, vampires of 13th or greater generation may consume blood from animals, humans, or vampires, to sustain themselves, but a vampire of 7th or greater generation may only derive nutrition from vampire blood.

One's generation is generally fixed, although the much-proscribed practive of diablerie may be used to lower it.

Generation Minimum Blood
Maximum Blood
Maximum Willpower Feed from?
14th 1  ? 4 Animals
13th 1  ? 4 Animals
12th 2  ? 5 Humans
11th 2  ? 6 Humans
10th 3  ? 6 Humans
9th 4  ? 7 Humans
8th 5  ? 8 Humans
7th 6  ? 9 Humans
6th 7  ? 10 Vampires

The Prince requires a blood tithe? This is an excellent idea. the maximum levels of disciplines that you can have, minimum potency, and ??

Blood Potency Edit

Maximum Discipline
Maximum Blood
Blood Upkeep
1 3 10 -0
2 3 12 -1
3 4 14 -2
4 4 16 -4
5 5 18 -6
6 5 20 -8
7 6 22 -10
8 6 24 -12
9 7 26 -14
10 7 28 -16

Your blood's potency is how rich your blood is. The greater your potency, the more vampiric power is contained within a given quantity of it, allowing you to effectively store more blood within yourself. Each night when you wake up, you lose blood depending on how potent your blood is, this may cause your potency to drop (though not below your minimum as determined by your generation). If you find yourself with a superabundance of blood, you may find your potency increasing over time, as well.

Changing Potency Edit

If your nightly allotment of blood per your feeding grounds would be more than you would be able to contain, you may increase your potency by one at the start of a session. If your nightly allotment of blood would not sustain you (Ie, you would have a negative amount in your blood pool), your potency lowers by one at the start of a session. Your minimum potency is determined by your generation. Should a negative blood pool result while you are at your minimum potency, you will enter a potentially masquerade-breaking freeding frenzy until you are sated.

Notes and Complications Edit

-If you go for three nights without blood, you enter torpor. -The Fortitude discipline automatically increases the amount of blood that one requires on a nightly basis. -Feeding a ghoul requires a point of blood per night. -Blood is also used to heal damage. -10 is the maximum potency that any playable vampire may have.

Willpower Edit

  • Used to heal agg?
  • spend to gain +2 to a single challenge?
  • used to fuel disciplines