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Clans Edit

Clans are tribes of vampires that share common characteristics, though they are only general similarities. Within each clan are a number of bloodlines, which are families of vampires with a common set of disciplines and a clan weakness.

A brood is the nuclear unit of vampires, descended from a common ancestor. A group of vampires from the same brood living in the same city together.

In Europe, vampires tend to care more about their clan, and for whatever reason unique bloodlines are somewhat rarer. In the Americas, new bloodlines are commonly found in each city. Many vampires, stymied by static social orders, set out for the Americas with the hope of becoming the prince of their own city and founding a brood. In America, most vampires younger than two-hundred years old don't even know what the clans are or to which they belong.

Many of the clans are members of the Camarilla, a hierarchical organization that seeks to prevent mortals from discovering vampires, and also to maintain a certain semblance of peace and order. Camarilla cities are controlled by Princes, who are beholden in a very loose sense to a Justicar that maintains a section of Camarilla territory.

Bloodlines Edit

The Sanctum Edit

The Sanctum are a successful offshoot of a bloodline from the Iberian peninsula. This branch of the bloodline leads a secret society that has remained hidden within the Boston Archdiocese since the late eighteenth century. They believe that they have been chosen by God to feed upon and punish sinful mortals. Weakness: You cannot harm a non-vampire that presents a holy symbol in good faith. Even attempting to harm them indirectly requires the expenditure of a Willpower point.

  • Disciplines: Captivate, Obtenebration, Vigor.

The Family Edit

Members of a very prominent family in the region, the Family is descended from a tribe of cave-dwelling Irish cannibals that fled to the New World and became part of its political and criminal institutions, first with slavery and then with liquor running. These days, the family is moving into big oil. Sometime in the early 1800s their progenitor was embraced. Since then, the family has recruited solely from amongst its own members. Weakness: Once they become kindred, members of The Family wear concealing masks around any vampires that are not of their bloodline. If a vampire from outside The Family sees their face, they must spend a Willpower each round or enter a deadly frenzy, attempting to kill any that have beheld them.

  • Disciplines: Celerity, Dominate, Necromancy.

The Tories Edit

The Prince of Boston's brood, they are all of British extraction and chosen for their loyalty to The Crown. They now serve the Prince in maintaining his control of Boston and its environs, and preserving its British heritage. Weakness: You cannot stomach the blood of kindred, and if you make a bite attack against one you cannot drain blood. You may spend a permanent willpower point to temporarily stomach blood for the purpose of diablerie. In part because of this difficulty, the Tories are regarded as rather trustworthy Camarilla members.

  • Disciplines: Dominate, Vicissitude, Presence.

The Bachannali Edit

Founded by an amazingly obese progenitor vampire in some feast hall of Europe, the Bachannali have adapted to America and the modern era with great gusto. They now participate in capitalism and business, all the while holding the fantastic parties that the bloodline is famous for. When one is embraces into the Bachannali, one gains up to two hundred pounds over the course of the next few nights. As a Bachannali ages, he becomes even more obese --Bachannali elders often weigh close to six hundred pounds.

Weakness: You are ravenously hungry for not only blood, but also human flesh. You begin each night with -2 less blood.

  • Discipline: Auspex, Fortitude, Temptation.