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Combat Edit

Initiative: Players go in order depending on Mental + Alertness, though Celerity may modify this.

Combat Actions: On your turn you may step three paces (about three feet), spend a blood to heal a level of lethal damage, and take an action. You may also activate a single discipline, though disciplines that are used only in reaction to things (such as Child of the Inferno) may be used any number of times as long as you can afford their activation cost.

Health and Injury: Vampires begin with ten health levels. If a vampire is reduced to 0 by a combination of lethal and/or aggravated damage, he is injured too badly to move. If this damage would reduce him to a negative level, he goes into torpor for decades or centuries, and cannot be awoken prematurely save by being fed the blood of a vampire of better generation. If a vampire has more aggravated damage than his maximum health levels, he dies the final death.

Healing: A vampire may heal himself one lethal damage per turn by spending a blood. Outside of combat, a vampire may heal himself one aggravated damage by spending two blood and a willpower. A vampire that has been staked cannot spend blood to heal himself.

Torpor: When one is in torpor, one may may attempt to wake up once per session. Make a static survival check against a target number of 10 plus blood potency when torpor was induced. Each failed check causes the vampire to lose one blood potency (until minimum).