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Diablerie Edit

When you drink another vampire's blood down to zero, you may continue to drink, inflicting an aggravated damage each turn though you gain no extra blood. Once the recipient would normally suffer the final death, he is instead diablerized. You must face the victim in a special series of diablerie checks, the results of which determine what benefits and penalties are accrued from the diablerie.

  • Physical + Survival: Success indicates that you gain +1 experience. Failure indicates that a portion of your vampiric essence dies with the target, permanently lowering your physical traits by -1.
  • Social + Intimidation: Success indicates that you gain +1 to an ability of your choice, chosen from among your victim's ability list. Failure indicates that you permanently lose -1 social traits as fragments of the victim's personality continually try to reassert themselves.
  • Mental + Theology: Success indicates that you gain the first level in a discipline that the target has but you do not. Failure indicates that you permanently lose 1 Willpower as portions of your memories become garbled with those of your victim.

If even one of the three checks succeeds, the following all apply:

  • The diablerist's generation lowers by 1 if the victim was of lower (better) generation than him.
  • The diablerist's aura bears black veins in his aura for the next three sessions that he attends. These are visible via the Auspex ability of Aura Sight. Additionally the Thaumaturgy ability Taste of Blood may detect these.