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Thrall: You may spend a blood to attempt a social challenge against a target. If you succeed, he suffers a -2 penalty to his challenges against you (and only you) for the rest of the night. This ability requires that your target be able to see your eyes. Thus, sunglasses are no protection. A willpower point may be spent to end this effect.

Chastise: You may spend two blood to attempt a social challenge against a target. If you succeed, he must drop any weapons that he is holding in his hands, and cannot pick them up for the remainder of the scene. Note that he may still use other weapons or natural weapons, if applicable. Two willpower may be spent to end this effect.

Governance: Any time you succeed at a social challenge against a single target, you may spend an additional two blood to cause that target to automatically lose a Willpower in addition to whatever other effects the challenge had.

Undying Loyalty: You may spend two blood to give a creature upon whom you have used your Thrall ability upon earlier in the night a retest in any challenge. This ability may only be used once, per thrall, per night.

Puppeteer: You may spent three blood and attempt a social challenge against a single target in order to possess their body, leaving your body comatose in a trance. While your mind is inside their body you may use any physical disciplines that they have, but cannot use your own abilities. Sunlight dispels this effect, so you cannot use it to go about during the day. You cannot force a kindred to take an obviously suicidal action or violate a strongly held ethic belief, but otherwise their body is your plaything. If your body perishes while you are possessing a creature, your spirit dies at the next sunrise.

Physical Disciplines
Celerity | Fortitude | Protean | Vicissitude | Vigor
Social Disciplines
Captivate | Dominate | Nightmare | Presence | Temptation
Mental Disciplines
Auspex | Necromancy | Obfuscate | Obtenebration | Thaumaturgy

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