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Endurance: You have +2 maximum health levels. This pushes a normal vampire up to nine total.

Mettle: If you spend a blood, you suffer one less lethal damage per injury for the rest of the scene.

Resilience: Spend two blood to convert two aggravated damage from a single injury to lethal damage. This lethal damage may be negated by other abilities.

Resistance: If you spend two blood, you suffer two less lethal damage per injury for the rest of the scene. This effect trumps Mettle.

Aegis: If you spend three blood and a willpower, you ignore the next seven levels of damage that you suffer, so long the injury occurs before your next turn, whether the damage is aggravated or lethal. This effect may be used in conjunction with other fortitude abilities.

Physical Disciplines
Celerity | Fortitude | Protean | Vicissitude | Vigor
Social Disciplines
Captivate | Dominate | Nightmare | Presence | Temptation
Mental Disciplines
Auspex | Necromancy | Obfuscate | Obtenebration | Thaumaturgy

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