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Note that there are also character-specific merits and flaws under the Character Creation section.

Design Notes Edit

  • We may want to limit people to one merit and one flaw at character creation or even afterwards, I have always felt that these were distractions.
  • Have a big list of merits/flaws and cross them off when players take them. Some are fine for multiple people, and some definitely aren't. This way not everybody has Bullet Resistant or whatever.

Merits Edit

Firearm Merits Edit

Gunslinger (-2 pts): When using guns, you ignore -1 of penalty from using a difficult firearm.

Big Time Bullets (-5 pts): Once per scene, when you first hit with a shotgun, you may elect to automatically inflict an extra +1 lethal damage. (Ed. Note: this is cheaper than an intermediate discipline so it's probably fine)

Bullet Resistant (-6 pt): You suffer one less damage from firearms, even if they are causing aggravated damage.

Melee Merits Edit

Brawny (-2 pts): When using melee weapons, you ignore -1 of penalty from using a difficult melee weapon.

Gaping Maw (-4 pts): Your jaw dislocates and your teeth enlarge when you desire, allowing you to drain an additional blood when you hit with a bite attack.

Body and Blood Merits Edit

Quick Healer (-6 pt): You heal two levels of lethal damage per blood that you spend. This may be done in combat.

Recuperative (-5 pts): You may heal two levels of aggravated damage by spending a willpower and five blood. You must still be out of combat, as usual.

Poisonous Blood (-1 pts): Any creature that drinks your blood suffers one level of lethal damage per blood point consumed.

Burning Blood (-2 pts): Any creature that drinks your blood suffers one level of aggravated damage per blood point consumed.

Smell Fear (-5 pts): You have an exceptional ability to ferret out the weak and vulnerable. You gain +1 blood per area of influence that you control.

Social Merits Edit

Friendly (-1 pt): You enjoy a +1 bonus to non-discipline social challenges.

Imposing (-2 pts): Physical challenges against you within an area designated as Elysium are at -1 penalty.

Passing (-1 pt): You do not appear to be a vampire to other vampires unless they use a discipline to ascertain this.

Mental Merits Edit

Danger Sense (-2 pts): You enjoy a +2 bonus to your first challenge in a scene.

Quick Thinking (-2 pts): +2 to initiative.

Lucky (-7 pts): Once per night you may spend a willpower to make a special retest on any challenge. Once you have used the luck retest, you cannot use any other retests available to you.

Electronic Interference (-4 pts): Forms of electronic media do not record your presence or any of your unusual activities. If you pass before one, it will either not seem to show you, or will temporarily cease functioning. Cameras that might other capture a discipline use will have their film ruined, and so forth.

Unusual Skill: Demolitions (-6 pts): You gain a rank in the demolition skill and may henceforth spend experience on it as though it were a normal skill. Demolitions allows you to construct incendiary bombs that detonate for 2 aggravated damage in a fifteen foot radius, though characters caught in the black radius may make a passive Physical + Survival against your Mental + Demolitions to avoid it. You may only possess or use one bomb per session. The means of detonation may be timed, remotely triggered, proximity-based, a booby trap, a car bomb, or what have you.

Flaws Edit

The Craving (+2 pts?): You wake up each night (and begin the session) with one less blood.

Pacifist (+2 pts): For whatever reason, you possess a strong compunction against harming other creatures (living or otherwise). You must spend a willpower trait in order to initiate a physical challenge intended to injure. You may defend yourself normally.

Undying Thirst (+5 pts?): You wake up each night (and begin the session) with three less blood.

Doomed (+3 pts): Once per night, an NPC may make a free retest against you. Only one NPC may make this retest per night, but it may be any NPC.

Nebbish (+3 pts): You have -2 max health levels.

Vulnerable to Fire (+3 pts): You suffer an additional level of aggravated damage from fire. You cannot use the Child of the Inferno discipline ability.

Vulnerable to Damage (+3 pts): Any time you suffer lethal damage, you suffer an additional level of lethal damage.

Mark of the Beast (+4 pts): Mortals subconsciously sense a primal terror when you are near, even when they have not noticed you. This makes it more difficult for you to hunt. You gain -1 less blood per area of influence that you control.

Limited Disciplines (+4 pts): You cannot learn disciplines from outside your clan disciplines.

Blind (+6 pts?): Gosh you're blind!