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Touch of Shadow: You may spend a blood to conceal a relatively small object in your grasp or on your person from others' perceptions for the remainder of the scene. A prominent card noting "Touch of Shadow" may be attached to the item in question, at your option. The item must be something that you could conceivably hide under a trench coat, and cannot be alive. Unless a character is actively searching for the specific item that you have hidden, or you are being frisked, no challenge is made for this ability. Otherwise, a Mental challenge may be made. If you or another creature does anything to draw attention to the item in question, this effect ends instantly.

Mask of the Monster: Spend a blood, for the remainder of the scene your appearance and equipment are masked, replaced with that of a horrifying face of some kind. You are unrecognizable. Auspex may be used to attempt to circumvent this, as a mental challenge, once per scene.

Cloak of the Night: You may spend two blood to move about invisibly for a scene, clouding the minds of others not to notice you so long as you do not make obvious noises or otherwise attract attention. A creature with heightened senses active may automatically attempt to perceive you with a mental challenge, but if they fail then they cannot perceive you for the duration of the scene. This effect automatically ends if you open a door, attack a creature, or use any discipline requiring a challenge.

Vanish: You may spend two blood to use an ability similar to Unseen Presence, only you may speak or move about without breaking the ability. Additionally, you may spend a willpower to gain a free retest on a Stealth-related challenge while using this ability.

Obscurity: You may spend three blood to hide a single large object from view in a manner similar to Touch of Shadow. You may affect doors, vehicles or rooms full of people, and even small buildings from the perceptions of others. Any creatures affected by this are considered to be affected by Cloak of the Night, and any objects are considered to be affected by Touch of Shadow. You cannot use this ability to hide the absence of matter. For example, an open door or a large pit could not be concealed.

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