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Unearthly: You may spend a blood to gain a +1 bonus to social challenges for the remainder of the scene.

Dread Gaze: You may spend a blood to attempt a social challenge against a target to rattle him. If you succeed, the target suffers a -3 penalty to challenges against you during his next turn. He may spend a willpower to counter this effect.

Awe: You may spend two blood and a willpower to retest a social challenge.

Summoning: You spend two blood to attempt a social challenge to compel a person that is know to you to travel to you with all reasonable haste, and make his presence known. He is completely unaware of the supernatural nature of his desire to find you, avoiding situations like locked rooms and overprotective allies. You may only attempt this against a target once per night. A character may spend five willpower to counter this effect.

Majesty: You may spend three blood to activate an aura of imposing might that prevents other creatures from even attacking you for the remainder of the scene. Any creature wishing to attack you must first attempt a social challenge or be completely unable to attack. A creature that has failed this challenge may spend a Willpower point to suppress its effects for one round.

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