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Aspect of the Predator: You may spend a blood trait to render yourself intimidating to animals. Any animals, including those that have been supernaturally enhanced, become so afraid that they are incapable of attacking you. Supernaturally enhanced animals may spend a willpower to ignore this effect for one round.

Haven of Soil: You may spend a blood to meld your body with a natural substance, usually soil. While so doing, you are difficult to find and immune to the sun's rays. If you expend a willpower when using this ability, you may instead meld with stone, concrete, wood, or even water. The area you are melding with must be large enough to contain your body volume.

Shape of the Beast: You may spend two blood to assume the shape of an ordinary animal, usually a bat or wolf. If you wish to assume the shape of another variety of mammal you may do so by spending a willpower when you use this ability to do so. If you assume a combat-oriented form such as a wolf, you enjoy +2 to physical traits while you remain in that form.

Claws of the Wild: You may spend two blood to grow fearsome claws for the remainder of the scene. These claws inflict a level of aggravated damage per hit, though this may be modified by the Vigor discipline.

Body of the Spirit: You may spend three blood to transform into a cloud of chilling mist as an action. While so transformed you may move along the ground without difficulty, and are immune to all physical attacks. Even fire and sunlight only inflict -1 damage to you. You cannot be bottled or otherwise trapped in this form, and although strong winds may move you against your will, they will not disperse you. You may revert to your normal form as an action.

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