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Elders or powerful ancillae can assign a given vampire a rough goal along certain archetypes that are discussed below. Fulfilling a goal is worth 1 XP. The vampire receiving the goal is referred to as the 'pawn' while the controlling vampire is referred to as the 'manipulator'. A manipulator may dispense a number of goals equal to his Manipulation, but no more than one goal may be assigned per pawn, per session. The goals remain until the manipulator is killed, or his Manipulation is reduced to zero.

In order to assign one of these goals, you must inform the Influence Storyteller between sessions, who will anonymously inform the pawn. As far as the game mechanics are concerned, the source of these goals are anonymous, though you may of course roleplay them as you see fit, and the storyteller may elect to justify the goal to the pawn through in-game means.

You cannot assign goals to other manipulators, nor to yourself. If one is participating in the Eternal Struggle, one is a chess player, not a pawn. Or at least, they are not each others' pawns.

Goal Archetypes Edit

•Harm a particular vampire. You may specify final death, torpor, or reducing his Elder Control by -1. •Obtain control of a particular pawn or area of influence. Alternatively, you may specify that you wish your pawn to return said pawn or area to an uncontrolled state. •??

one doesn't even know who the other influence players are, necessarily, they have psuedonyms like "The Red Hand" and shit?

Maybe have elder playing the game be determined by who controls the most totalled levels of influences?

neat because can affect the game even from afar!

Where Does Manipulation Come From Edit

  • ? From being a primogen or the prince
  • ? From controlling certain pawns or area of influence
  • ? From controlling certain macguffins
  • ?